Become Your Pet’s Hero!

When you make an appointment with a veterinarian for your pet, you are more than just a pet owner. You are your pet’s best advocate. No-one knows your pet better than you do, and with that foresight and knowledge, we want to help guide you in making the best possible decisions for your pet when it matters the most.

So What Is The Proactive Pet Parent Program?

The Proactive Pet Parent program is an exclusive opt-in service that takes the guess work out of raising your best furry, feathered, or scaly friend. We know that it can be intimidating to always know what is best for your pet, and so we make it easier on you by giving you timely reminders, pet parent advice, and personalised recommendations to help you raise your pal. 

Join The Proactive Pet Parent Program

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What You’ll Get

We’ve designed a program that will support you to get the best for your pet.

  1. Reminders for your pet’s most important dates, such as their 6 monthly dental check-up, annual vet health check, preventative medications, and vaccinations
  2. Regular updates to your inbox with seasonal tips and topics to be aware of
  3. Timely advice whenever you contact one of our vet centres
  4. Special offers and discounts from our partners
  5. Exclusive content from our veterinarians to guide you in your pet parent journey
You’ll enjoy all these benefits and more when you become a part of the Proactive Pet Parent program.