About Us

Dr Shibly Mustapha

Dr Shibly Mustapha gained his passion and experience for wildlife and pets through living, travelling, and working abroad. After spending time with animals of all shapes and sizes in both a general practice and emergency hospital setting, he realised how much he wanted to give back to the local pet community – and so MustCare Vets was born. 

MustCare Vets is a family owned business with Dr Shibly at the helm, alongside his wife and business partner Rehana. Together, they are supported by a team of passionate and dedicated vets, nurses, and client care professionals who make up MustCare Compton Rd, Algester, Windaroo, and Mt Gravatt.

Our Preventative Healthcare Mission

Choosing the best vet for your pet can be one of the hardest decisions to make, especially when you’re new to the area or shopping around for the best value. Throughout our years of experience, we’ve come to know that the best value you’ll get for your money is by ensuring your pet is up-to-date with their preventative healthcare, avoiding expensive vet bills later on down the track. Preventative diseases can quickly turn into life-threatening illnesses.

Our team all share this same ethos, so you know when you walk into one of our vet’s consultation rooms, you’ll find someone who can listen to your concerns, thoroughly examine your pet, and work through a preventative treatment plan with you.

While we see pets for a variety of reasons, we are particularly experienced at diagnosing and treating ear infections, skin diseases, lumps, and dental disease. Our facilities are equipped with ultrasounds, x-rays, and the right diagnostic tools all under the one roof to ensure a quick and accurate diagnosis. Because pets can’t talk when they’re in pain, preventative care is the best line of defence – and we’re your pet’s best advocate for their healthcare.

Our Team

How We give Back

We are a team of environmental enthusiasts and animal lovers (of course!), and we truly care about the people and pets in our community – not just those in our care! 

Through Our Proactive Pet Parents Program

You’ll find free information about a range of pet illnesses, diseases and issues in our Proactive Pet Parents Program. Our aim is to educate our readers on preventative diseases and get them to take action before they turn into life-threatening illnesses. We share information on our social media channels (along with super cute client photos and videos!), in our clinics, and at community events. You can find out more by visiting our range of articles here.


Through The B1G1 Initiative

Dr Shibly and Rehana both have huge hearts, and so do the team members at MustCare Vets. Looking for a way to have a greater impact on the world, they joined the B1G1 initiative, which allows you to help them to support projects both in our backyard and internationally. Every time you visit a MustCare Vet Centre, we donate a portion of the proceeds back to fund critical projects.

Throughout 2023, your patronage has enabled significant impacts:

  • Provided 5,000 days of clean water, enhancing health and hygiene through the Trailblazer Foundation in Cambodia.
  • We gave 920 nourishing meals to undernourished children and individuals in Kenya and South Africa.
  • Critical health support through malaria treatments and vitamin supplements in Kenya.
  • Improved living conditions with 365 days of access to sanitary latrines in Cambodia.
  • Nurturing rescued animals right here in our backyard, Australia, through Edgar’s Mission.
  • Empowerment of women leaders through leadership training initiatives from Free To Shine, in Cambodia.
  • We gave 150 days of solar lighting to families in India.
  • Planted 55 trees to provide much needed fuel and fodder for Indian families.
  • Support for 10 struggling families in Vietnam by donating livestock through the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

Thank you for trusting us with your pets, and for enabling us to make these valuable contributions to families in need.