Pet Hospitalisation

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The only hospital where patients never complain about the food!

Emergencies are scary, but that doesn’t mean your pet hospital has to be. We’ll make sure your precious pet recovers in peace, quiet and comfort. 

For dogs, our wards are sound proofed, fully equipped with air conditioning and warm kennels! For cats, the temperature of their rooms is constantly monitored, and they have access to food, water and a litter tray at all times. Whether you’ve got a precious pooch or a cuddly cat, we’ve got you covered.


The benefits of pet hospitalisation

  • Immediate care on standby in case of emergency
  • A safe, comfortable place to recuperate
  • After hours care for nights and weekends
  • Isolation wards to prevent the spread of contagion or for anxious pets


No, our pet hospital is fully equipped with separate cat and dog wards. We want your fur baby to be as comfortable as possible during their stay, so we take every precaution to stop them from being agitated by other species.

For unvaccinated pets, or ones suspected of having a contagious illness, we have an isolation ward. This ward is just as comfortable as our regular wards, but your precious pet will be kept apart from the other patients.

Of course! Stretching four legs is just as important as stretching two! For smaller animals, we have rooms specially designed for them to run around in. For larger dog breeds, we have dog runs so they have room to really work up a pant.

No, our pet hospitals aren’t open after hours. However, we do refer to the Animal Emergency Service (AES) who can provide care after hours.

Does your furry friend seem sick or in pain? This could be a sign that something is wrong.

At MustCare, we don’t believe in silly questions. If you’re worried, we want to help. Get in touch and book an appointment so we can figure out what’s got your cat’s tongue.