Sometimes the signs of injury are more than fur deep

There’s nothing more terrifying than not knowing what’s wrong with your fur baby. The truth is, sometimes even the most thorough examination can’t tell us what’s wrong. That’s when tools like x-rays can help us get some answers.

MustCare’s in-house x-ray service helps identify serious health problems like cancer or broken bones before they become life-threatening. You don’t need to stress about the unknown, simply bring your fur baby in for an appointment and we can monitor their health – inside and out!

The benefits of pet x-rays

  • Discover life-threatening conditions before they become terminal
  • Make informed decisions about surgery 
  • In-house x-rays provide instant results
  • X-rays are a non-invasive alternative to investigative surgery


Pet x-rays are just like human ones. The x-ray emits energy which passes through your pet’s body and gets detected on both sides, which creates an image we can use to find out what’s going on in your fur baby. 

Bones and tumours absorb more energy than soft tissues like skin and organs. So broken bones or cancerous growths can be seen easily.

While a pet x-ray may sound scary, they aren’t dangerous. The amount of radiation emitted is so small that it is harmless.

If your fur baby becomes too distressed, for their own comfort, and to ensure they stay still for long enough to get results, we may sedate them. This is also harmless and will be done by our specially trained nurses. 

Does your furry friend seem sick or in pain? This could be a sign that something is wrong.

At MustCare, we don’t believe in silly questions. If you’re worried, we want to help. Get in touch and book an appointment so we can figure out what’s got your cat’s tongue.