Senior Pet Program

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Make sure your fur baby is comfortable when they join the 'golden paws' club

As you get older you don’t have the same spring in your step as when you were young. Now imagine if you had four achy legs! The truth is, as much as you want your precious pet to stay young forever, old age is coming. 

MustCare’s senior pet program is the best way to make sure your ageing furry friend is comfortable as they enter their golden years. With bi-annual health checks and screenings for age-related diseases, give your precious pet the retirement they deserve. 

The benefits of the senior pet program

  • Prevent health issues from becoming health emergencies or prevent early signs of illness from becoming life threatening, untreatable disease
  • Make sure your fur baby is comfortable in their old age
  • Have peace of mind knowing your pet is happy and healthy
  • Extend your pet’s life


Any cat or dog that is 7 years or older (49 in human years) is eligible for the senior pet program. If their breed is known for early onset health issues, your veterinarian may suggest starting the senior pet program at a younger age.

The senior pet program includes a check up every 6 months. As animals get older health issues can appear and progress more rapidly, so regular checkups are essential.

Is your pet getting on in years? Is their fur a bit grayer than it used to be?

At MustCare, we know how to help your pet age gracefully. Book them in for our senior pet program today.