Microchipping is the difference between straying and becoming a stray

Imagine it, you come home after a long day from work and rather than a frenzy of wagging tails and happy barks there is…silence. You go outside and you see a big hole leading under the fence. Your heart skips a beat, your precious pooches have escaped!

By simply getting your fur babies microchipped at MustCare, this story can have a happy ending. Microchipped pets are much more likely to be returned to their owners. So make sure they don’t become unhappy residents of an animal shelter by getting them microchipped. Trust us – they’ll thank you!

The benefits of pet microchipping

  • It’s relatively painless – your pet will barely notice it’s there!
  • Have your pet returned to you if they escape
  • Contest ownership if your pet is stolen
  • Don’t need to rely on names collars to prove ownership


If your pet is ever lost, a ranger, animal shelter or veterinarian anywhere in Australia can scan your pet for a microchip and access your contact details. It is important to always ensure your details are up to date.

Cats and dogs should always be microchipped by 12 weeks of age. If you plan to sell your pet, you must make sure it’s microchipped before it’s sold.

Microchipping is quick, painless and doesn’t even require any anaesthetic. Your vet simply injects the microchip beneath your pet’s skin between their shoulders. At most, all your pet will feel is a little pinch. What’s more likely is that they won’t even notice!

Yes! If you change your address or telephone number, it is your responsibility to contact a national registry and update your contact details. If you are not sure who your pet is registered with, you can find out through Pet Address.

If your pet was implanted with a microchip by MustCare, you should contact Petsafe on (02) 8850 6800. You can also visit their website.

Pets with a microchip implanted in NSW are required by law to be registered on a state based register known as the NSW Companion Animal Registry.  

This state based database is not linked to any national register. It is not compulsory in NSW to register a pet’s microchip on a national registry. Therefore, if you’ve recently moved from NSW to our state we strongly recommend checking to see if your pet has been registered on a national database. 

If your pet’s details are not recognised, please contact a national register such as the Australasian Animal Registry and complete a registration form. A fee of approximately $10 will apply. If you do not know your pet’s microchip number and visit our practice please contact us for further information.

Congratulations on your new addition to your furry family!

At MustCare, we want to make sure every cat or dog gets returned if they ever go on an unexpected journey! So get in touch and book a microchipping appointment today.