Where every student is a teacher’s pet!

Wow, congratulations! Welcoming a new fur baby to your family is a wonderful thing. They’re so cute and cuddly that teaching them some discipline is probably the last thing on your mind. But trust us, the teething period for puppies has a lot more bite to it!  

That’s why you need MustCare’s puppy school. Learn to recognise and fix bad behaviours now before they become ingrained, and teach discipline and obedience that will strengthen your relationship with your precious pup.  

The benefits of puppy school

  • Teach your adorable pup some discipline
  • Identify and fix antisocial behaviours before they get worse
  • Give your fur baby a chance to socialise with other star pupils
  • Discover your newest family member’s personality


You can sign your puppy up when they are 6-14 weeks old.

Puppy school is carried out over a four week schedule, with one class per week. 

Throughout the course, you and your pet will learn:

  • How to issue basic commands like sit, stay, come, drop etc
  • How to walk with a lead
  • How to socialise with other dogs in a safe and friendly way
  • The basic health needs of your new puppy
  • An understanding of normal and irregular behaviours

Yes, your puppy will need to be up-to-date with their vaccinations, not only to protect themselves but also their classmates.

The first day of school is a magical moment - for your puppy!

They’ll love making new furry friends and learning important behaviours. Plus, we promise you’ll learn some things too! Get in touch and sign up for class today.