Purrfect Picks: The 8 Best Cat Toys For Your Fur Babies

cat playing with toy

Cats love to play – everyone knows it.

Anything those homely felines get their paws on can be a makeshift cat toy, from boxes to remote controls. But for your purrfect fur babies, you only want the best!

So, let’s have a look at the best cat toys out there and see which ones will leave your cats feline good!

What are the best cat toys?

There are a number of kitty toys and pet supplies that are available for cats out there. Still, the best cat toys are those that match your fur baby’s unique playful personality. Whether your cat loves chasing, climbing, hiding or just sinking their teeth into anything, there is a cat toy made just for them.

Why do cats love cat toys?

Your furry felines love play toys for a whole list of reasons – one of them being the instinct to hunt prey. This is typically why cat toys that resemble prey like rats, birds, and bugs are very enticing to them. For indoor cats, toys are even more important to keep them stimulated and give them the exercise that they need to help manage their weight, even without having to go outdoors.

Beyond just meeting exercise requirements, one of the reasons why cats need pet toys is that cat toys also help with social development, especially for kittens who are just starting to get along with other kittens around them by playing.

While nothing is better than letting cats play with other pets their age or simply playing with them yourself, there’s nothing wrong with spoiling your precious fur babies with new cat toys every now and then.

And there are so many great choices!

Popular cat toys your kitties will love:

Whatever your cat loves doing, there’s a perfect cat toy for them. Here are just some of the best cat toy options:

1. Balls and Rolling Toys

Let’s start this list with something simple: balls and rolling toys that have bells or other sound-producing components that will keep your cats stimulated and entertained. As simple as these cat toys are, playing with them is super fun – especially if you get involved and spend time playing with them.

2. Catnip Toys

Because most cats are attracted to catnip, catnip-filled toys are always a great go-to option if you’re planning to give your fur baby a treat. You can get soft plush toys shaped like balls or mice that are filled with catnip, or if you’re in a creative mood, you can make your own DIY catnip toys too!

3. Cat Scratchers

Having a cat can mean scratches all over your furniture if you don’t have something to distract them! So, next up is a sturdy scratching post that will keep your feline friends occupied while giving them a good amount of exercise and keeping their claws sharp. A cat scratcher is like a toy that helps with cat grooming. Check out your options here: Best Cat Scratchers in Australia.

4. Cat Wands and Teasers

Cat wands and teasers are popular among cats because they mimic prey behaviour. With feathers and fast movements, you can use cat wands to play with your kitty guardians and help them release their prey-hunting energy without encountering actual prey that might fight back.

5. Cat Tunnels

Both outdoor and indoor cats can have fun with cat enclosures and cat tunnels that will allow them to move around and have fun. Cats can also use these tunnels to travel from the house to an outdoor enclosure in a fun and more convenient way, both for you and your furry feline friend.

6. Climbing Toys and Installations

While we’re talking about keeping them active, how about installations and climbing towers that they can explore? If your cat loves climbing your shelves, bookcases or even curtain rods, they’ll surely love cat climbing towers of their own. You can even make your own kitty cat tower!

7. Puzzle Cat Toys

How about a little challenge? Treat-dispensing puzzle toys keep your cats mentally stimulated while having fun. These puzzle cat toys are designed to dispense treats, which will keep your cats super motivated!

8. Interactive Electronic Toys

Lastly, you can also try out battery-operated cat toys that move, make sounds and have other automatic interactive features. These cat toys can take the form and behaviour of prey like bugs and mice, which then encourages your cats to chase them around.

Depending on what your cat likes, you can buy cat toys or create DIY cat toys that they will truly enjoy. What matters most is they know this is how you show your love, especially if you play together with them.

We know you want the best for your purrfect kitty cat!

If this got you thinking, then show your love to your cats and be pawsome right meow!

Spoil them with the best cat toy AND spend lots of time cuddling and playing with them! Because no toy can ever replace their fur parents’ love and affection!

But beyond play, another part of keeping your cat healthy is regular check-ups. At MustCare Vet Centres, we help elevate your cat’s fun and care so they can enjoy every day and you can have complete peace of mind.

Give us a call or drop by if it has been a while since your feline friend had their last visit. We’d love to see them!

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