MustCare Vet Centres: Elevating Pet Care in Brisbane’s Southern Suburbs

Introducing MustCare Vet Centres, the new brand of veterinary excellence in Brisbane's Southern Suburbs, uniting Windaroo Veterinary Animal Surgery, Algester Vets, Compton Rd Vet, and Mt Gravatt Vets under one dynamic brand. Led by Dr. Shibly Mustapha, this rebranding symbolises our commitment to top-tier pet care and community values.

MustCare Vet Centres: Elevating Pet Care in Brisbane’s Southern Suburbs


Brisbane, Australia

MustCare Vet Centres is excited to announce a significant brand evolution across their family of veterinary clinics, incorporating the renowned Windaroo Veterinary Animal Surgery, Algester Vets, Compton Rd Vet, and Mt Gravatt Vets into a new unified brand identity – MustCare Vet Centres. 

The rebranding of each veterinary practice marks a new chapter in their commitment to providing exceptional veterinary care for pets in the Southern suburbs of Brisbane, while maintaining the legacy and values that have defined the clinics for years.

Ownership of the MustCare family of Vet Centres remains with Dr Shibly Mustapha, who has been instrumental in shaping the direction and growth of each clinic. Dr Mustapha is well known for his dedication to the community and his passion for preventative pet care and will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the direction across all practices.

Recognising the challenges faced by the veterinary profession in 2023, including professional shortages and burnout, the unified brand aims to strengthen MustCare Vet Centre’s ability to attract and retain top veterinary talent for the Brisbane and Logan community while also nurturing a supportive and healthy work environment. 

Consolidation under the MustCare banner allows the sharing of resources and expertise more effectively, ensuring the highest level of care for patients and clients in Windaroo, Mt Gravatt, Runcorn, Algester, and the surrounding suburbs.

At the heart of the new rebranding is a commitment to raise awareness of preventative healthcare for pets, particularly dentistry, senior pet care, and parasitic preventatives. Their collective voice will focus on raising awareness about disease prevention and promoting the health and well-being of all pets under their care.

“We are welcoming all pet owners to come down and have a confidential conversation with our veterinarians,” says Dr Mustapha. 

“Oftentimes, we hear owners might feel judged or scrutinised for the decisions they have made about their pets’ healthcare in the past. We want the community to know that we’re different.” 

Dr Mustapha and his veterinary team pledge to help pet owners make informed decisions when it comes to the health of their pets, offering guidance and information under their new Proactive Pet Parent program.

Alongside reminders of vaccinations, preventative medications, and the latest in veterinary medicine, the Proactive Pet Parent program seeks to stop misinformation by providing up-to-date, informative, and actionable veterinary healthcare articles to their members.

The veterinary teams across all four clinics have been a cornerstone of the Southern Brisbane suburbs, providing compassionate and skilled veterinary services for many years. The rebranding seeks to unite the incredible team members who are dedicated to serving their community with the same warmth and professionalism clients have experienced for years.

While the clinics undergo a name change, clients can rest assured that the quality of care, familiar faces, and commitment to their pets’ health remains unchanged. The clinics will encompass the same people, with the same owner, united under a new, stronger brand.

MustCare Vet Centres
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