Logan to Brisbane City: Your Ultimate Guide to Dog-Friendly Beaches in South-East Queensland

Discover the top dog-friendly beaches near the Southern Suburbs of Brisbane. From sandy shores to stunning views, explore the key features of each beach and why they are perfect for your furry friend. Plan your next beach adventure today!

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Logan to Brisbane City: Your Ultimate Guide to Dog-Friendly Beaches in South-East Queensland

Are you a proactive pet parent in the Southern Suburbs of Brisbane looking for the perfect beach getaway with your furry friend? Look no further! In this ultimate guide, we’ll take you on a journey from Logan to Brisbane City, uncovering the top dog-friendly beaches in South-East Queensland. Whether your pup loves splashing in the waves or digging in the sand, these beaches have it all.

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Main Beach, North Stradbroke Island

Stradbroke Island, a gem just off the coast of Brisbane, is a paradise for both wildlife and pet lovers. The island, isolated from the mainland for the last 8,000 years, boasts minimal development, preserving its rare and precious ecosystems. Here, you can witness kangaroos grazing in Point Lookout, koalas nestled in gum trees in Amity or Dunwich, and an array of birds, including kites and eagles, soaring above Flinders and Main beaches. The marine life is equally rich, with turtles, sea birds, and occasional seals.

However, this rich wildlife is vulnerable to domestic pets. During holidays, an increase in dogs on the island, combined with more traffic, significantly stresses the wildlife. Wildcare Straddie, a local wildlife rescue group, reports over 240 annual cases of wildlife injuries due to pet attacks or car strikes, often leading to tragic outcomes.

To maintain Straddie’s pet-friendly nature, responsible pet ownership is crucial. On Main Beach, Flinders Beach (except the Amity Point end), Deadman’s Beach, and Frenchman’s Beach, dogs are welcome but must be leashed. Note that Flinders Beach and Amity Point foreshore at Ballow Street are not off-leash areas, and dogs are prohibited in certain parts of Main and Flinders Beaches.

For off-leash fun, Skatebowl Park in Dunwich and Home Beach in Point Lookout are ideal, though facilities like drinking water, shelter, or seating are limited. Pets are welcome on Stradbroke Island and can accompany you on both water taxis and vehicle ferries. Dog-friendly accommodations are available in Point Lookout and Amity Point, along with pet-permitting foreshore camping sites on Main and Flinders Beach. When staying in these accommodations, ensure your pet is contained within the property boundaries, on a leash, or indoors. In the township camping grounds, a maximum of two dogs per campsite is allowed, and they must be leashed at all times.

Certain areas on Stradbroke Island are strictly off-limits to dogs, including swimming enclosures, Cylinder Beach foreshore, and the Naree Budjong Djara National Park, to protect the delicate balance of the island’s unique ecosystem.

How to Get to Main Beach, North Stradbroke Island

By Ferry: The most common way to get to North Stradbroke Island is by ferry. From Brisbane, head to Cleveland, where you can catch a vehicle ferry or a water taxi to the island. The trip offers beautiful views and takes about 45-60 minutes. Once you arrive on the island, Main Beach is accessible by car.

By Car on the Island: If you’re taking your vehicle on the ferry, once you arrive at Dunwich, the main settlement on the island, follow the signs to Point Lookout. Main Beach is a short drive from Point Lookout. There’s parking available near the beach, but it’s advisable to get there early during peak times.

Public Transport on the Island: For those traveling without a car, North Stradbroke Island has a bus service that connects the ferry terminal at Dunwich to Point Lookout. Check the local bus schedules for the most up-to-date information and timings.

Important Tips:

  • Always check the ferry schedules in advance, as they can vary seasonally and fill up quickly during peak periods.
  • If you’re planning to drive on the island, ensure your vehicle is suitable for beach driving, as some areas may require a 4WD.

Nudgee Beach, Brisbane

Nudgee Beach, located north of Brisbane City, is a serene spot ideal for dog owners and their pets. This beach is quiet and surrounded by wetlands and smaller, private beaches, offering a unique experience for both dogs and bird watchers.

For dog owners, Nudgee Beach’s highlight is Tuckeroo Park. Adjacent to the beach, this park features a sizeable off-leash area equipped with various obstacles, providing an excellent spot for dogs to play and dry off after a swim. The park’s location near the water allows for easy transition from swimming to playing.

It’s important to note that there are no public toilets near the beach area; the closest facilities are located on the seafront at Nudgee Beach. Dog owners should also be aware of the environmental regulations, as the area is regularly patrolled by rangers to ensure dogs stay within designated areas and do not disturb the wildlife, especially in the mangrove bird hides.

Access to the dog-friendly area is convenient, situated about 100m past the Boondall Wetlands entrance. While the beach may not be the typical Queensland beach with golden sands, its quiet, family-friendly environment makes it an ideal picnic spot, especially for those with small children who enjoy playing in the muddy sand and shallow waters at low tide.

How to Get to Nudgee Beach

By Car: Driving to Nudgee Beach is straightforward and takes about 25 minutes from Brisbane City. The most direct route is via the Gateway Motorway. Once you’re in the Nudgee area, follow the signs leading to Nudgee Beach. There’s ample parking available, making it a convenient option for families carrying beach gear.

By Bicycle: For the more adventurous, cycling to Nudgee Beach is a scenic and eco-friendly option. There’s a well-maintained bike track that runs close to the Schulz Canal and reaches all the way to the Toombul Shopping Centre. From there, you can navigate through dedicated bike paths that lead to the beach.

Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast

Currumbin Beach, located on the scenic Gold Coast, is a paradise for dog owners and their furry companions. This picturesque beach features golden sand and gentle waves, creating a perfect environment for dogs of all sizes to play and explore. The beach’s relatively calm waters are ideal for dogs who enjoy a dip in the sea, while the long shoreline provides ample space for a game of fetch or a leisurely walk with your pet.

One of the standout features of Currumbin Beach is its welcoming atmosphere towards dogs. The beach community understands the joy of sharing a day out with your canine friend and has made efforts to accommodate them. As a result, you’ll find both locals and visitors alike enjoying the sun, sand, and surf with their dogs in tow.

After a fun-filled day at the beach, you and your pet can explore the nearby area, which boasts a selection of dog-friendly cafes and eateries. These establishments often have outdoor seating areas where dogs are welcome, allowing you to relax and enjoy a meal or a drink while your pet rests by your side.

Currumbin Beach offers a great blend of natural beauty and pet-friendly amenities, making it an ideal destination for dog owners looking for a beach day out. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Currumbin Beach is sure to provide a memorable experience for both you and your pet.

How to Get to Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast

By Car: Currumbin Beach is approximately an hour’s drive from Brisbane, making it an ideal road trip destination. The drive along the Pacific Motorway (M1) is straightforward, offering scenic views along the way. Once in the Gold Coast region, follow the signs to Currumbin. There’s ample parking near the beach, but it’s advisable to arrive early to secure a spot, especially during weekends and holidays.

Public Transport: For those preferring public transport, regular bus services run to Currumbin from various points on the Gold Coast. Check the local transit authority’s website for the latest schedules and route information.

Tallebudgera Dog Beach, Gold Coast

Tallebudgera Dog Beach on the Gold Coast is a hidden gem for dog lovers. Nestled just north of the Tallebudgera Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) patrolled surf beach, it extends to the sea groyne at the edge of Tallebudgera Creek. This spot offers a unique mix of sandy shores and stunning views of Burleigh Heads National Park, creating a picturesque backdrop for a day out with your furry friend.

The beach is accessible by parking at the Tallebudgera SLSC and walking around the lawn in front of the club. A pathway leads directly to the off-leash area, which is conveniently located next to the flagged swimming area. This means you can easily enjoy the surf with your dog, who can play, dig, and swim freely in this designated section of the beach, available 24/7.

Post-beach fun, head to James St in Burleigh Heads. This funky area, another of Gold Coast’s best-kept secrets, offers a range of dog-friendly cafes and eateries. Grab a coffee from Quest, a smoothie, or some classic fish and chips, and enjoy a beachside picnic under the Norfolk pines.

When the surf is high, it’s advisable to exercise caution with your dog in the water. For convenience and easier access to the off-leash area, consider parking at Ronnie Long Park, situated closer to this dog-friendly beach paradise.

How to Get to Tallebudgera Dog Beach, Gold Coast

By Car: The most straightforward way to reach Tallebudgera Dog Beach is by car. If you’re coming from the north or south, take the Pacific Motorway (M1) and exit onto Tallebudgera Creek Road. Follow this road until you reach the Gold Coast Highway, then head towards Palm Beach. The Tallebudgera Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) is a landmark to look out for, as the dog beach is located just north of it. There is a car park at the SLSC where you can leave your vehicle.

Parking Tips: Parking can be challenging along Tallebudgera Creek, especially during peak times. As an alternative, consider parking at Ronnie Long Park, which is closer to the off-leash area of the beach. This can be a more convenient option and offers quicker access to the beach.

Public Transport: For those preferring public transport, there are bus services that run along the Gold Coast Highway with stops near Tallebudgera Creek. Check local bus schedules for the most current routes and times.

Red Beach, Bribie Island

Red Beach on Bribie Island, positioned between the surf of Woorim Beach and the calm Bongaree waters, is a favoured destination for dog owners. Renowned as Bribie Island’s top dog beach, it offers a unique blend of picturesque scenery and pet-friendly amenities.

In the early morning, visitors to Red Beach can often spot dolphins near the shore. Evenings bring stunning sunsets, making it a prime location for watching the day transition into night over Moreton Bay. The beach features designated areas for dogs, with a leash-required zone extending about 700 meters east from the Red Beach access off Tully Street, Bongaree. Beyond this point, dogs can enjoy the freedom of an off-leash experience.

Access to the beach is via a path off Tully Street car park, leading through lush vegetation to the sandy shores. The beach extends to Woody Bay, offering a scenic walk along the vine-draped dunes, best experienced at low tide. However, it’s important to note the absence of amenities at Red Beach, so visitors are urged to be mindful of waste and clean up after their pets.

Adjacent to Red Beach is Buckley’s Hole Conservation Park, a haven for fish and waterfowl, including annually breeding Black Swans. This park, accessible from The Boulevard, offers a tranquil hide overlooking the lagoon, adding to the area’s natural appeal.

Overall, Red Beach and its surroundings on Bribie Island present a delightful blend of natural beauty, wildlife watching, and dog-friendly spaces, perfect for both leisurely walks and relaxing beachside experiences.

Sandgate Foreshore, Brisbane

Sandgate Foreshore, known as Sandgate Dog Beach, is a prominent off-leash dog beach close to central Brisbane. Located in the Moreton Bay area, northeast of Brisbane, it stretches between Flinders Parade and Second Avenue in Sandgate to Eagle Terrace and Yundah Street in Shorncliffe, covering about 1km along the shore.

Unique for its vast expanse of mudflats rather than traditional sandy shores, Sandgate Dog Beach offers multiple access points via stairs along Flinders Parade and Eagle Terrace. This feature creates an expansive playground for dogs, particularly enjoyable around low tide when the mudflats extend far into the bay. Visitors should consider bringing a towel for post-play cleanups.

Dogs are welcome off-leash at any time, with no restrictions throughout the year. However, it’s important to keep dogs on a leash while on the footpaths leading to the beach. The areas immediately north and south of the off-leash zone also allow leashed dogs.

For dog-friendly dining options, Baaia cafe near the northern end and Matthew Thomas Cafe at the southern end offer outdoor seating suitable for dogs. For early risers, Cocoa Biscotti, a coffee van at Moora Park, serves takeaway coffee from 5:30 am in summer.

Nearby attractions include the scenic Shorncliffe Pier and Lover’s Walk, a 2km shoreline footpath in Sandgate and Shorncliffe, perfect for a leisurely stroll with your leashed dog. If seeking alternative dog-friendly beaches, Queens Beach North and Redcliffe Dog Beach are excellent choices for those preferring sand over mudflats.


How to Get to Sandgate Foreshore Dog Beach

Sandgate Foreshore Dog Beach, a favorite destination for pet owners in the Brisbane region, is conveniently accessible. Here’s a guide on how to reach this scenic spot:

By Car: Driving to Sandgate Dog Beach is straightforward. From central Brisbane, head northeast towards the Moreton Bay area. You can take the M1 motorway and then connect to the Deagon Deviation via the Gateway Motorway. Follow the signs directing you towards Sandgate. Parking is available along Flinders Parade and near Eagle Terrace, close to the beach.


  • The off-leash area of the beach starts near the corner of Flinders Parade and Second Avenue and extends to Eagle Terrace and Yundah Street.
  • It’s best to visit during low tide to take full advantage of the mudflats for your dog to play.
  • Remember to keep your dog on a leash until you reach the designated off-leash area on the mudflats.

Rainbow Beach, Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is a perfect destination for dog owners seeking adventure – but it is a longer day trip, so be prepared to plan stops for your pooch. Known for its 4WD accessibility, it offers one of the rare dog-friendly national park camping sites in Queensland, making it ideal for camping enthusiasts with pets.

The town, accessible via a two-hour drive north of Noosa, unfolds into stunning views as you approach. Its main attraction, the Main Beach, is perfect for various activities like fishing, surfing, or just relaxing with your dog. With direct beach access and no time restrictions for dogs, it’s a haven for pet owners. However, vigilance is required to keep pets safe amidst the beach’s vehicle traffic.

For dining, The Deck @ Sea Salt and Rainbow Beach Hotel offer dog-friendly outdoor seating. Unfortunately, dogs can’t accompany visitors to the Rainbow Beach Surf Club. After a day at the beach, Inskip Point offers simple yet magical camping experiences, where basic amenities like pit toilets are available. The area requires permits, so planning ahead is essential.

Accommodation options for those preferring a roof over their heads include various dog-friendly listings on Stayz or Airbnb. Rainbow Beach also presents opportunities for 4WD adventures in nearby state forests, where wildlife like wild brumbies can be spotted.

How to Get to Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is a stunning destination for adventurers and dog lovers, located about two hours north of Noosa. Here’s how you can get there for an unforgettable experience:

By Car: The most common way to reach Rainbow Beach is by car. From Brisbane, take the Bruce Highway (M1) towards Gympie, then follow the signs to Rainbow Beach via Tin Can Bay Road. This route takes you through some picturesque landscapes, including the scenic hinterland.

For a more scenic drive, consider the hinterland route through Cooroy, Kin Kin, and Wolvi. This route offers beautiful views and a chance to explore charming hinterland towns. Once you’re on the main Rainbow Beach road, expect a single-lane setup with windy corners and hills. Drive carefully, especially as this road is frequently used by large 4WDs and caravans.

Stopovers: If you or your dog needs a break along the way, Cooloola Berries is a great stop for a snack and stretch. The Kin Kin General Store is another good option for homemade food and drinks, with a nearby sports ground for a quick dog play session.

4WD Enthusiasts: If you’re bringing a 4WD, you’ll have the added advantage of exploring the beach and nearby camping sites. Ensure your vehicle is equipped for beach driving, including adjusting tire pressures for sand.

Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast

Coolum Beach, nestled along the Sunshine Coast, is a haven for dog owners and their furry companions. This beach offers a designated off-leash area extending from just north of the Coolum Beach caravan park to about 1 km north of Stumers Creek. This expansive zone includes not only the beach but also a saltwater creek, providing a perfect mix for dogs who love both sand and swimming.

For easy access, drive through the beachfront reserve to a dedicated car park, where amenities like doggie bags, taps, toilets, picnic tables, and a playground are available. This makes it convenient for families and pet owners to spend a whole day at the beach without any hassle. The beach itself boasts acres of golden sand, making it an ideal spot for dogs to run freely and enjoy the quintessential Sunshine Coast beach experience.

Those planning a weekend getaway can consider staying at the Coolum Beach Caravan Park, where dogs are welcome. However, it’s important to keep them leashed within the caravan park premises and only unleash them upon reaching the designated beach area. This stretch of Coolum Beach is a perfect blend of surf, sand, and playful creek waters, offering hours of fun and relaxation for dogs and their owners alike.

How to Get to Coolum Beach

By Car: The most straightforward way to get to Coolum Beach is by car. From Brisbane, take the Bruce Highway (M1) and follow the signs to the Sunshine Coast. Exit onto the Sunshine Motorway (State Route 70) and continue until you reach Coolum Beach. The journey from Brisbane typically takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic.

Once in Coolum, head towards the beachfront near Stumers Creek. For the dog-friendly beach area, look for Beach Access points 67 to 72. There’s a dedicated road through the beachfront reserve that leads to a convenient car park equipped with essential facilities.

Tips for Visitors:

  • The off-leash dog area begins just north of the Coolum Beach caravan park and extends up to 1 km north of Stumers Creek.
  • Remember to keep your dog on a leash until you reach the designated off-leash area on the beach.
  • The car park area near the beachfront reserve offers amenities like doggie bags, taps, toilets, and picnic tables for a comfortable visit.

Currimundi, Sunshine Coast

Dicky Beach, situated on the Sunshine Coast, is a stone’s throw away from one of the best off-leash dog beaches in the area – Currimundi Off Leash Dog Beach. While dogs aren’t allowed on the main part of Dicky Beach, a short stroll along the coast leads to the dog-friendly haven at Currimundi, starting from Beach Access 249–253 at Moondara Drive, Wurtulla to Currimundi Creek.

This picturesque beach, loved by both locals and visitors, offers a kilometre of golden sand where dogs can freely run, play, and swim. Adjacent to the beach, at 2 Buderim St, is a popular spot equipped with picnic areas and walking trails. In the car park, dog owners are greeted by the vintage coffee van, Make Love Peace & Coffee, where they can enjoy a barista coffee and organic dog treats.

A 500m walk north along the coastal path from the off-leash beach leads to Coondibah Creek, perfect for swimming for both dogs and humans. Further north, a kilometer away, is Currimundi Lake. This spot is ideal for families, offering shallow waters and a playground, and nearby Coco’s cafe caters to both dogs and their owners.

This area of Dicky Beach, with its off-leash beach, scenic walks, and dog-friendly cafes, provides the perfect setting for a day out with your furry friend. Just remember to leash your dog when off the beach, and use the provided dog wash station and water bowls to keep your pet comfortable and hydrated.

How to Get to Dicky Beach and Currimundi Off Leash Dog Beach

By Car: Driving is the most convenient way to get to Dicky Beach and Currimundi Off Leash Dog Beach. From Brisbane, take the Bruce Highway (M1) and continue north. Follow the signs to Caloundra and then to Dicky Beach. For Currimundi Off Leash Dog Beach, continue north along Nicklin Way and take the turn towards Wurtulla. Use Beach Access points 249–253 along Moondara Drive, Wurtulla, to reach the off-leash area. Parking is available near both Dicky Beach and Currimundi, with specific parking areas designated for beach access.

Tips for Visitors:

  • If visiting Currimundi Off Leash Dog Beach, start at the car park off Buderim Street, where you’ll find facilities and the start of the off-leash area.
  • Remember to keep your dog on a leash until you reach the designated off-leash areas.
  • Check local signage for any specific rules or restrictions, especially if you plan to walk along the beach towards Coondibah Creek or Currimundi Lake.

Dicky Beach and Currimundi Off Leash Dog Beach offer the perfect blend of beach fun, scenic walks, and pet-friendly amenities, making them ideal destinations for dog owners and beach enthusiasts alike.

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