A G'day from Myron

Looking for a reptile vet? You’ve slithered to the right place!

A lot of people think I’m high-maintenance, but that’s not fair! You just need to know how to handle me properly. Luckily, my friends at MustCare Vet Centres know exactly how to keep me calm and warm. Their enclosures are always a safe place to relax and shed some skin.

I like to spend a lot of time on my own, and I try not to show you when I’m sick. That’s why it’s important to take me to a good reptile vet who knows how to diagnose and treat me. Whenever I get dropped off at MustCare I know I’m in safe hands.

Our Veterinary Services

Whether you’re booking your scaly sidekick in for a cold-blood test or to get rid of pesky parasites, have peace of mind that they’re being looked after by exotic pet experts.

If pets could talk, they’d rave about MustCare.

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Has your precious pet stopped eating? In reptiles, this is often the first sign that something is wrong.

 At MustCare, we don’t believe in silly questions. If you’re worried, we want to help. Get in touch and book an appointment so we can help your scaly sidekick.